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Hi i'm Matt,

I left school at 16 to become an engineer somthing I loved to do at school. After 2.5 years and the lack of pay rise I left to follow in my fathers foot steps as a builder somthing i've been doing now for 9 Years. I ran my own business for nearly 4 years and gave it all up 2 years ago due to not the 'risk/reward' but what I now call the 'stress/reward'......and the lack of reward

This hole experiance has taught me a massive life lesson...... I want financial freedom and I want it using my brain and not shifting bricks i'm a good builder but I know I can do more with my brain.

I have been looking into trading for the past few years flitting in and out not really commiting, but always really really intrested in how it all works it's amazing to me that there is no limitations and anyone can trade with the knowhow.

This year however 2019 is the year I have decided to stop making excuses and embrase the possibility and potential trading offers.

Im excited for the next few years and in the little I time I have been reasearcing traiding it is evident dreams/goles are important to keep you grownded and focused.

So here are my dream/goles of what traiding can offer....

1 - I want to be mortage free by 40 (another 12 years).

2 - I want to run my own business again with the freedom that brings.

3 - When I have children I want to be able to pick them up from school everyday.

Anything above this will be such a blessing but these are my trading goles for now. I'm sure in time this list will grow but I wanted to write this somewhere obvious to remind me and for others to remind me if needed when im struggling.

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