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Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Subscriptions Available

  • How are trades "signalled"?"
    All trades before entry are discussed in my daily video and watch lists. Regular updates are provided throughout the day using Telegram. The purpose of The Forex Trading Room is not to provide trading signals but to teach you how to execute my trading strategies. The subscription is an educational experience, not an investment or trading signal service.
  • Which time-frames are traded?
    I analyse the monthly, weekly, daily, 4-hourly and 1-hourly charts. All my trades are executed on the 4-hour and 1-hour time-frames.
  • Are the trading strategies profitable?
    Yes! The results are available on my verified trading results page. The strategies are covered in my Forex trading course.
  • What time are trades taken?
    I trade 0600-1800 UK time (0100-1300 EST), Monday-Friday.
  • Will I need to take Samuel's Ultimate Forex Course?
    You must know my trading strategies to follow them in my trading room. You can learn my Forex trading strategies here.
  • Where are the discounted subscription buttons?
    The reduced trading signal subscription buttons at the end of my Ultimate Forex Trading Course.
  • What have others said about The Forex Trading Room?
    You can read a number of testimonials on my testimonial page.
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